Предлоги с глаголами, прилагательными и существительными

Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns with Prepositions

Предлог — это служебная часть речи, которая выражает синтаксическую связь между именем существительным, местоимением, числительным и другими частями речи. Ввиду того, что в английском языке почти полностью отсутствуют падежные окончания, порядок слов и предлоги играют особенно важную роль, ведь от употребления предлогов в английском языке зависит грамотность Вашей речи. Ниже приведен список глаголов, прилагательных и существительных в связке с предлогами, наиболее часто употребляемые в английском языке.


absent from (adj)

accompanied by (adj)

according to (prep)

account for (v)

accuse sb of (v)

accustomed to (adj)

addicted to (adj)

advantage of (n)

(but: there’s an advantage

in - (have) an advantage

over sb)

advice on (n)

afraid of (adj)

agree to/on sth (v)

agree with sb (v)

ahead of (prep)

aim at (v)

allergic to (adj)

amazed at/by (adj)

amused by (adj)

angry at what sb does (adj)

angry with sb about sth (adj)

angry with sb for doing sth (adj)

annoyed with sb about sth (adj)

(in) answer to (n)

anxious about sth (adj)

be anxious for sth to happen (adj)

apologise to sb for sth (v)

(make an) appeal to sb for sth (n)

appeal to/against (v)

apply to sb from sth (v)

approve of (v)

argue with sb about sth (v)

arrest sb for sth (v)

arrive at (a small place) (v)

arrive in (a town) (v)

ashamed of (adj)

ask for (v) (but: ask sb a question)

assure (sb) of (v)

astonished at/by (adj)

attached to (adj)

attack on (n)

attend to (v)

(un) aware of (adj)


bad at (adj) (but: He was

very bad to me.)

base on (v)

basis for (n)

beg for (v)

begin with (v)

believe in (v)

benefit from (v)

bet on (v)

beware of (v)

(put the) blame on sb (n)

blame sb for sth (v)

blame sth on sb (v)

boast about/of (v)

bored with/of (adj)

borrow sth from sb (v)

brilliant at (adj)

bump into (v)

busy with (adj)


call at/on (phr v)

call for (= demand) (phr v)

campaign against/for (v)

capable of (adj)

care about (v)

care for sb (v) (= like)

(take) care of (n)

care for sth (v) (= like to

do sth)

careful of (adj)

careless about sth (adj)

cause of (n)

certain of (adj)

change into (v)

characteristic of (n/adj)

charge for (v)

charge sb with (v)

cheque for (n)

choice between/of (n)

clever at (adj) (but: It

was very clever of

you to buy it.)

close to (adj)

collaborate with (v)

collide with (v)

comment on (v)

communicate with (v)

compare with (v) (how people and


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